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Photoshop Reality feat. BANTU

by Ancient Astronauts



Dj and production duo Ancient Astronauts have announced the release of their latest single, ‘Photoshop Reality feat. BANTU’ on the 27th of November. The single is taken from their groundbreaking Afro-European album ZIK ZAK, which will be released on the 22nd of January 2021 via Switchstance Recordings and features a variety of rising African musicians. The album was preceded by the noteworthy Kampala Fire EP. BANTU is a 13-piece award-winning band based in Lagos, Nigeria. Lead by Ade Bantu, they have won the Kora Awards for Best Group West Africa and Best Group Africa and have received support from The Guardian and Music In Africa.

BANTU pride themselves in striving to create critical social commentary with their music, sending messages via music and inspiring people around the globe. Leader of the band, Ade Bantu’s lyrics focus on the entrapment of minds within social media and how the platforms can distort our perceptions of reality. Deep, masculine vocals dominate the single, however light and modern production style prevent them from overwhelming the listener - instead entrancing them into a rhythmic joyousness.

Speaking of the single, Ancient Astronauts tell us: “Our music always had a serious and conscious touch to it cause we believe that music can, and should, have a positive and thought-provoking effect. Ade´s lyrics in ‘Photoshop Reality’ really nail it when you think about today´s situation when it comes to social media, and Instagram in special. People trying to act like they made it, presenting themselves in the best way they can, overplaying reality, photoshoping not only their photos but their existence. It became a world of boasting and pretending things that don´t match reality. It feels as if people wanna escape reality through social media and luxury goods cause reality is too harsh for them. But then they don´t find their way back to reality. So they live in that Photoshop Reality.”


Photoshop Reality - written by BANTU:

[Verse 1]
In the eye of the storm we remain calm
Refusing to engage snakes and charms
As we select dissect corporate monoliths
Babylon temples filled with filth
Digital gangsters in Zuckerberg’s realm
With data policies designed to overwhelm
When we gonna wake up and call out their bluff
Stick it to the man make them know we had enough
I hear you all say yeah we gangsta like that
Pawns in the game well that’s a true fact
Preoccupied with all the vanity
The poison toxic masculinity
Time to shake the boys knock in some sense
No half stepping forget the pretense
Too many lives lost situation tense
Sick and tired of clowns sitting on the fence

Who you be na who you see
Perfect imperfection
Photoshop reality
Who you be na who you see
Perfect imperfection
Photoshop reality

[Verse 2]
Addicted to likes and all the fake clicks
Virtual egos craving quick fix
Distorted realities in the matrix
Got everybody falling for their prewritten script
Broken reflections suspended in time
Children of denial in the bogus paradigm
Where you gonna run when they control your mind
Ain’t nobody see when the blind lead the blind
Deep in the barracoon survival is the grind
Everyman for self when the soul’s brutalized
How we gonna heal and bridge the disconnect
Too many lost followers no self respect
The pain ain’t vanishing it ain’t going nowhere
No matter how you run you gotta face your fear
The choices are yours demons are clear
No path to peace if you stay insincere

Who you be na who you see
Perfect imperfection
Photoshop reality
Who you be na who you see
Perfect imperfection
Photoshop reality


released November 27, 2020
Music composed by Ingo Moell
Lyrics written by Thomas Adegoke Odukoya
Mixed by Kabanjak
Produced by Ancient Astronauts
Vocals by BANTU
Published by Oneminded Soul Publishing.
Executive producer: Thomas Katongole-Strauch
Mastering by Artur Wnorowski
Artwork by Lisse / Brushwood Entertainment
P & C 2020 Switchstance Recordings


all rights reserved



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